Local translation services on a global market

Translation and content creation are a lot like life in general. Some things you can do yourself. Others may require help. For longer lasting results and quality you can trust, it may be worth calling upon someone with expertise. My colleagues and I have the education and experience to move your message from one language to the next and switch between cultural references.

Why a company should hire a translator:


Machine translation lacks algorithms for quality assurance, and determining the quality of a translation often demands extensive knowledge and experience in both languages.


Machine translation—for obvious reasons—never considers the way a word might work in a setting.

Target group

Machine translation provides a precise translation; a translator tailors your translation, while consulting with you as a customer, in order to maximize its impact.

This is what I do:



Translation services are the core of my business. Many people might believe it is a simple matter of translating words from one language to another. Perhaps, but it isn’t quite that simple. You will find many translation shortcuts but should keep in mind it may end up costing more in the long run.


All written information, technical descriptions and installation guides need content. Det behöver finnas en text där som hjälper dig att sprida information om din produkt eller tjänst. The content needs to be clear and relevant to reach existing and potential customers. In short, correct text is a critical part of company growth.

Language consultation

Do take advantage of my language expertise and that of my international network of language professionals. Det kan vara tillsynes små saker som vilken titel en vd ska ha på sitt engelska visitkort eller hemsida. Det kan också handla om vilka associationer och signaler som ett namn eller en formulering skickar på den internationella marknaden. Or it could be a text that needs to be thoroughly reviewed and edited. Get advice, and avoid expensive language errors and bad investments!

Here’s how

  1. You call or e-mail me.
  2. I review your text and send you a proposal.
  3. I translate, write or review your text. Sometimes I need to check the terminology with you as I work. Sometimes I get back to you with questions or comments when I have completed the assignment. These steps ensure that the text is at its very best before it is put to use.
  4. You are invoiced by Sommar Text & Kommunikation.







    About me

    Elisabeth Sommar—that’s me, the person behind Sommar Text & Kommunikation. I hold a master’s degree in translation from the University of Gothenburg.

    Elisabeth Sommar is what you want in an independent translator. I know this from experience as a bureau translator, as head translator checking the work of freelance translators, and as a freelancer. She is professional and flexible, highly educated, and a pleasure to work with.

    Karen Hagersten,

    Hagersten Communication

    “I collaborated with Elisabeth on a localization task for one of my Danish clients, who also needed a website in Swedish. Elisabeth was reliable and stellar throughout the process, delivering on-time and high-quality translations – including insightful comments and the courage of an expert to veer from the source text when needed to communicate the message clearly to the target audience. The client was delighted with her work. I can wholeheartedly recommend Elisabeth as an excellent choice for English/Danish to Swedish translation services.”

    Michael Burgess

    Danish to English translator - michaelburgess.dk

    “As a global leader in manufacturing waterproofing and insulation materials, Soprema often needs translations for their Swedish subsidiary.

    After working with Elisabeth for already several years now, she became in fact a part of the company. She knows perfect how we want to express ourselves and uses the correct (work related) terms.

    Elisabeth cooperates really well with the local Swedish team and operates as an intermediary for other Scandinavian translations.”

    Evi Mattheus

    Marketing & Communication Specialist, Soprema North Europe


    Forming a professional relationship and long-term cooperation with a translator is valuable for both the customer and the translator, because translation is a joint effort of translator and customer. I may be an expert in a language and work often in a specific subject area, yet it is impossible for me to know everything. There may be expressions and terminology that you prefer to use for your specific company, and then we need creative dialogue.

    Get in touch with me! I am a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ), a professional association for translators who meet knowledge and experience requirements, thereby vouching for translation quality.

    Sommar Text & Kommunikation – Translator, writer and language consultant

    Get in touch with me

    My office is in the small town of Sollebrunn, between Alingsås and Trollhättan, yet my sphere is international, and my customers are spread throughout Sweden and abroad.


    0708-78 77 65

    Erskavägen 19, S-441 70 Sollebrunn