About me

I remember always loving language, words and stories.


I am a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ), a professional association for translators who meet knowledge and experience requirements, thereby vouching for translation quality.


Since 2012 I have helped many companies express their business in many languages.

Professional relationships

Forming a professional relationship and long-term cooperation with a translator is valuable for both the customer and the translator, because translation is a joint effort of translator and customer.

This is me

Master’s degree in translation

Elisabeth Sommar—that’s me, the person behind Sommar Text & Kommunikation. I hold a master’s degree in translation from the University of Gothenburg.

I remember always loving language, words and stories. In high school, I studied German, Russian and Latin in addition to Swedish and English. Later I studied French and Swedish sign language. Words, expressions and language as an instrument of culture never cease to fascinate. Languages and cultures vary not only between countries but between companies and industries within countries.

En stor portion kunskapstörst och nyfikenhet har drivit mig framåt sedan jag var i tonåren. When I was a student, I worked in my spare time, and when I worked, I studied in my spare time. My jobs included working for a company that produced flat packaging for IKEA, as a language teacher, and at a café. Job experience in varied fields, education in several languages, and being a curious, meticulous person interested in just about everything on earth paved the way to becoming a professional translator. Being an entrepreneur who enjoys meeting with other companies is just the frosting on the cake. Since 2012, and with a team of talented writers and translators, I have helped many companies express their business in many languages, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and English.