All written information, technical descriptions and installation guides need content. Det behöver finnas en text där som hjälper dig att sprida information om din produkt eller tjänst. The content needs to be clear and relevant to reach existing and potential customers. In short, correct text is a critical part of company growth.

Text production is most effective when done by someone who understands how to create content. It also requires keeping track of spelling, sentence structure and information structure.

What are language review and proofreading? Language review is what you should order if you want to make sure your text is grammatically correct, is well formulated and maintains the appropriate tone. Proofreading usually compares the translation and the text in its original language. I proofread texts that have been translated from English, German or Danish. Proofreaders in other original languages and translations from languages such as English, German, Danish and Norwegian are available through my network. I can help you find professional and independent proofreading to make your text more professional.